Gatsby packaging splashes out in a riot of colours

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Japan – Gatsby deodorant spray products have evolved since the first market launch in 1994. To attract new customers while retaining its core regular consumers, the brand decided to refresh its packaging design for maximum visual retail shelf impact.

For the launch of its seventh deodorant spray product range – Gatsby Powder Deodorant Spray, a six fragrance line: Clear Ocean, Cool Citrus, Lemon Lime, Citrus, Soap and Unscented – the Japanese agency Able Design Planning Co Ltd reinvented the packaging design to target market of males between the ages of 17 and 21 years.

“Brand differentiation is very important. Because there are so many competitors in Japan, it was essential for us to develop an elaborate design strategy to direct consumers’ attention to the brand,” explained Able Design Planning’s CEO and Art Director Mrs MotoeShigeta. And completes: “It was important for us to design a product that would stand out on the store shelves. At the same time, we had to be careful not to ‘over-design’ it and end up with a heavy and cluttered feel to the graphics.”

Through smart colour choices and relevant imagery, the agency hopes to communicate the fresh sensations consumers will experience using Gatsby Powder.

Against a clean white background, Able Design used striped colour tones to form the product name, with visible tiny spot printing to illustrate powder and the fresh, dry, powdery sensation of the Gatsby Powder deodorant experience. The familiar black typography of the Gatsby brand name was retained and sits above the product name.

Together, both the brand and product name run swiftly diagonally across the front face of the slim aerosol can, evoking a sense of power. As the packages line up side by side on retail shelves, the continuous flow of diagonal lines also create a massive visual eye-catching riot of colours.

Each product variant is differentiated by color, which is used for the product name and fragrance type. The spray button is also highlighted in the same colors – integrating the dispensing component well into the overall graphic design and increasing visual shelf impact.

Besides the variety of colors used, the Gatsby Powder deodorant packaging also features a new lock mechanism for the spray dispenser. This lock mechanism helps prevent accidental product wastage and erroneous blasting, yet is simple enough not to complicate usage. Consumers need only turn the lock in one direct to enable the spray to work, and turn it back in the opposite direction to disable the dispenser.

When turned, the lock moves with a crispy ‘click’ sound so consumers will easily know that the spray is ready to be used. “The various selections in colour and the ‘click’ sound from the spray lock are sales points that appeal to the visual and auditory senses of consumers,” explained Shigeta.

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